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Intro to Options

Discover how options can help you mitigate downside risk and diversify your portfolio across major asset classes such as interest rates, equity indexes, foreign exchange, energy, agriculture and metals. Get acquainted with the basic fundamentals, strategy and vocabulary of our options markets, providing a solid base of knowledge that will prepare you to tackle these opportunities.


Option Greeks

Option prices are driven by multiple variables including changes in the underlying price, interest rates, passage of time, and changes in the expected volatility in the market. Collectively, these are called “the Greeks” because the symbols used to represent the sensitivities of these complex derivatives come from calculus and use the Greek Alphabet. Gain a basic understanding of how “the Greeks” are integral to managing a portfolio of options.


Intro to Bitcoin

Looking to understand more about Bitcoin? This is the place for you. Review the basics of bitcoin and gain a deeper understanding of Bitcoin and how market participants can use them to manage bitcoin volatility and risk.


Intro to Ether

Interested in learning more about Ether and its place in the cryptocurrency marketplace? You are at the right place… Learn all about Ether here.


Intro to FX

Averaging over $5 trillion per day, the foreign exchange (FX) market is where currencies are bought, sold and exchanged. There are many ways to pursue opportunities of the worlds’ largest market, but FX futures offer many advantages over trading spot or over-the-counter FX. Discover the liquidity, nearly 24-hour access and security of trading standardized FX futures on a regulated exchange. Build your knowledge of how FX futures work and why various market participants like large global banks, regional brokers dealers and even small, unregulated boutiques turn to these contracts to navigate the fragmented global FX marketplace.


Intro to Futures

New to futures or looking for a refresher? Perfect… Dive into the basics of futures contracts, how contracts trade on a futures exchange, the different ways customers use these instruments and the benefits that futures provide. Gain a stronger understanding of how futures work and why more market participants are using derivatives in their trading strategies today.


Intro to Equity Index

Think beyond individual stocks! Explore the world of equity index futures and options for a smarter approach to trading the U.S. stock market. Learn how these contracts offer streamlined exposure and versatile strategies to manage risk and seize opportunities.

Precious metals

Intro to Precious Metals

When most people hear the words precious metals, they think of jewelry or bullion. However, the precious metals market is more than just gold and silver. Other precious group metals (PGM) include platinum and palladium. These products can be used in jewelry, electronics, automotive manufacturing, and more. They can also be used to manage risk or to serve as a safe haven for capital during times of financial uncertainty. Get to know the precious metals market, explore factors impacting supply and demand, uses both industrial and commercial, and ways to hedge and manage risk.

Cruide oil

Intro to Crude Oil

Today’s energy crude oil market is truly global. From West Texas Intermediate (WTI) to Brent and DME Oman, the crude oil market fuels many of the world’s leading economies and impact nearly every nation. Energy crude oil futures and options provide the tools the industry needs to manage risk. Explore the key concepts and structure of today’s energy markets, including the factors that affect supply and demand and move prices. Learn how to use these instruments to hedge exposure and unlock opportunities.

Natural gas

Intro to Natural Gas

The structure of the natural gas market has evolved over time and become one of the most competitive, efficient, transparent, and liquid natural gas futures and options market in the world. Explore the basics of natural gas infrastructure, key impacts like seasonality that affect supply and demand, as well as hedging physical product using futures and options products.