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Where Self Made Traders Are Made

Where Self Made Traders Are Made

New to Trading? No problem…
Don’t know a thing about trading? Perfect…
Traded but got stuck? Been there…
Ready to Learn? Great!

Stocks, Options, Futures, Forex & Crypto Lessons, structured and organized to keep it simple.

Hundreds of lessons
Trading Videos
One-on-One Coaching with top industry experts
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Learn to think like a Trader

We are a team of professional traders who started at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Chicago Board of Trade.

Once, we stood where you are right now. No trading experience; we didn’t know a thing about trading or where to start, clueless but excited to take the first step…

And we did it ! With gratitude in mind, we created It is our way of
giving back. gives unlimited and free access to hundreds of trading lessons and vidoes in covering all from fundamentals and technical analysis to risk management, trader’s psychology and more complex ideas and strategies.

We believe in free & quality education for everyone. That’s why we partner with the best and most reputable trading exchanges, experienced traders and successful leaders in the trading industry. We hand-picked and compiled trading lessons developed from a groundbreaking research and built from years of trial and error.

Build a complete understanding from the bottom up.

A reliable and up-to-date source of information and knowledge delivered by leading experts.

We cover everything from basic concepts in trading to more complex trading ideas and strategies.

Well-structured and organized lessons for you to learn on the go and from anywhere. On the train, on the bus or on the couch…

How it works?

Build confidence with hands-on learning

Looking to learn the basics of trading or deepen your trading knowledge, our trading lessons will surprise and inspire you with the detailed explanation and insights. We strive to assist every student regardless of skill level in learning to minimize their risk and adapt to rapidly changing market conditions.

You will get access to hundreds of trading lessons, lecture videos and quizzes to test your understanding at the end of every unit, charting examples, trading strategies, techniques & tips; everything you need to know to master the trading game in the shortest time possible. Nothing has been left out.

Learn how to:

  • Master trading strategies while improving your trading with every trade.

  • Pick up with ease low-risk, high-reward trades.

  • Use day trading techniques and quickly surpass more experienced traders.

  • Determine market trend and trade chart patterns.

  • Use a “secret” change in your mindset to translate into a massive power for your trading.

  • Find a trading opportunity and take immediate action.

  • Relax, remove emotional scars and let your success work for you.

  • Avoid “classic” trading mistakes and guarantee yourself repeatable accuracy and precise execution.

  • Build a successful trading plan that works best for you.

Learn on the go and from anywhere. On the train, on the bus, on the couch… Then simply apply the learned principles to all markets Stocks, Options, Futures, Forex & Crypto. It is simple, but yet crushingly powerful!

Our students

What they said about us


“Taking these trading courses has completely transformed me as a trader. Learning these powerful but simple strategies on analyzing risk vs reward has produced my first winning month. ”


“Just like many other traders, lost lots of money with other strategies and other trading courses. These lessons taught me about money management, being selective and trading with a plan. I feel more confident now.”


“Very practical and useful…I have learned a new approach on reading the market, especially to analyze probability like a true professional and only risk my capital when the odds are stacked in my favor. It made a huge difference in my trading performance. I strongly recommend it to anyone! Thanks a lot!”